Tandragee 100


What a great weekend we had with Indi and Das trans racing team!

We came on thurs again, because after Cookstown we had to go back to Czech, because of our jobs. Forecast was much better than in Czech, so we were really looking forward to be back at Tandragee races in Northern Ireland again.

Dinny from Das Trans already prepared with other team members everything in paddock, so we could have nice evening together playing billiards, before we left to Tandragee on Friday morning. We had both prepared two Yamaha´s R6, me for Senior Support class and Indi for Supersport and Open.

My practice was second last, so I was waiting for my 5 laps almost all day. Indi did practice for Supersport and Open and he was qualified 17th on the grid, so second wave "pole position"
I had problem (as always) to pass big pack of riders just infront of me, so I managed 19th place to Saturday race on the starting grid.

Indi´s race was first and he had quite good start and than he had good battle with other two riders. He was one lap on 15th place, but than he finished 16th.

"I had very good time on bike, I really love Tandragee races, so I was looking forward to it sooo much. I had troubles with clutch, which was too stiff, and Im not rider who has problems with armpump or something, but Im so happy i finished 16th in the end. Engine was great working, but standard chassis was sometimes over the limit. Of Course I would like to do same results as I did in 2016 as newcomer, but to be honest, we are happy that we can play with cards we have!"

My race was second last again before Grand Finale. I had good start, and I tried to get the speed to stay in touch with two riders infront of me and possibly pass them later. I finished at least 16th with top ten lap time, so happy enough and we have both now another result to get Mountain Course IOM licence.

Thanks to our small wee team Das Trans, all friends and fans around and also organizers of the meeting. Without them all and their help, we couldn´t race anymore!