300 ZGH Horice


Hořice was the first home race for our team, where Michal Indi Dokoupil started.

The race lineup consisted of Indi with the starting number # 23, the newcomer in the team Josef Klusáček # 78 and the bike was borrowed from our team by French racer Timothée Monot # 29.

I didn't start this time because there was no bike left for me. Indi had entry in the Supertwin class, where he started with my bike, which was ready for last year's Manx Grand Prix and after Manx stood in the garage. Even a week before the 300ZGH we found that the bike is not running and we did not know why. Mechanic Aleš Sýkora had to rebuild engine so we havent chance to go to dyno with it. At this time, the Yamaha R6 is in Ireland, so no 600cc this year, but we could prepare a surprise for the fans when the Ariane Moto 3, with Honda 250cc engine, appears in our awning. After last year international Ulster Grand Prix win for Indi, he fall in love with Ariane. He knew he will have a great machine in his hand.

Michal Indi Dokoupil # 23:

"Ariane is my secret love because it's really great and fast bike, and I was so happy to ride it again especially at Horice races. Of course I would like to be again on 600cc, but honestly my Yamaha is not competitive anymore, and lot of people would be very happy to see me somewhere back on it, so no point for me to invest lot of money to get bike over here from Ireland, where´s the bike now. I was on Supertwin bike after 2 years, so compare to Ariane, its heavy hippo, but I used to it quickly and I tried to show lines to our newcomer rider Josef. He didn´t learn properly I think :-) because he had small vrash at vodojem turn, so weekend for him was quite diffucult. Also french rider Timothée had a crash, so I have to thank to mechanich Aleš and his mate Laďa from Teambike23, they tried hard to fix all the bikes for next day. After qualify I was 3rd on Moto3 overall and 7th in Supertwin class.

On Sunday morning, the Moto3 race was associated with 125 GP and 250SP. The first two riders, Patrik Kolář and Steffen Grämer, both got a penalty of twenty seconds for early start. After the first round Indi was second and after third lap Indi was leading till the end of the race and finished for great win.

Michal Indi Dokoupil # 23:

"The original plan was to stay behind the guys and try to attack at the end of the race. Then I realised, that both guys are quite fast, so I changed plans and went for win immediately. I was so happy to see owner of bike to be very happy and also it was my last result needed for TT licence, so it was great to send them 1st position

After race Indi had small accident with knife and he cut his hand, so he couldnt continue for Stwin race, so he went to support our newcomer rider, who finished from almost last row very creditable 14th place.

Next race will be Slovak Kopčany for Josef #78 and Indi with team is on the way to TT Isle of Man, so watch our website www.indiracingteam.cz and Indi facebook page, where are videos and mainly live broadcasts during trainings and races!

Indiracing team Veronika Hankocyova # 53

Ariane3 at Horice race 2019 125GP/Moto3/CRR250

Short footage from overal victory of Michal INDI Dokoupil #23 with team Ariane Racing Factory/Ariane3 in Sunday race 300 zatáček Gustava Havla - Hořice

Zveřejnil(a) Ariane Racing Factory/Ariane3 dne Pondělí 20. května 2019